Comet Gain City Fallen Leaves

Years from now it’s almost inevitable that the future generations of indie rock thrill-seekers will be raving about an unappreciated band from the ’90s and ’00s called Comet Gain. Ever since front-man David Christian (nee Feck) reassembled the band and signed to Kill Rock Stars for 1999’s Tigertown Pictures, these London-based, retro-centric, noise pop fiends have become one of the finest bands not only with the KRS imprint, but also, well, in the world. Following up 2002’s magnificent Réalistes, their fifth full-length does more of the same, and really, if you’re a steady fan then City Fallen Leaves is exactly what you want from Christian and co. Kicking off with the aggro-delight of "The Fist’s in the Pocket,” the recurring infatuation with D.I.Y. culture and longing for lo-fi love still motivates their pens to write such inspiring anthems like "The Ballad of a Mix Tape” and the piercing "The Punk Got Fucked.” But Christian sounds more pensive than ever, yearning for something more that gives songs like "Days I Forgot to Write Down” a poignant intimation of something missing in his life. The constant switch between hissing, jangly guitars and lovely acoustics offset the unpredictable moods of Christian and Rachel Evans, who can sell vitriol as gooey romance and vice versa. City Fallen Leaves impressive range of art-damaged punk, sparkling Spector pop and cinematic-drenched soul provides an outlet for dancing, daydreaming and a good seething session. Another raw, magnetic pop classic by a band destined for future cult classic status. (Kill Rock Stars)