Colouring Season Your Departure Left Me The Shelterless Victim Of A Major Disaster

Colouring Season, a Seattle-via-Saskatchewan band, are not a happy bunch. The band comprises of Feisal Sethi and his periodic collaborators, and they spend their time mining the rich vein of relationships and their associated melancholy. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Sethi must have had his heart broken in a spectacular fashion in order to feel the need to name his EP Your Departure Left Me The Shelterless Victim Of A Major Disaster. And after listening to the first song, you might even wager that the person doing the heartbreaking was called Julie. But that kind of thing has been happening to sensitive indie pop boys for years now, so that isn’t anything out of the ordinary. Three quiet songs of strummed guitars and gentle vocals that tell sad tales and unfortunately sound a whole lot like each other and so many other songs out there. It is only with the infinitely livelier "Shoes For Free” with its Cars-like synthesiser hooks that they seem to have any personality of their own. Add to that a throwaway cover of "Manic Monday” and the result is an unsatisfying EP from a band who are capable of a whole lot more. (Independent)