Collide Some Kind of Stranger

Take the mellow electronics of Delerium and the sexy female-fronted raw electronic rock of Curve — this is Collide. Vocalist Karin makes this disc all it is as she completely performs the songs instead of merely just singing them. Her sultry notes go between a low, breathy moan to clean and high and she makes the music penetrate. The richness of her voice contrasts with the tireless music courtesy of sole other member, Statik. The songs slither along and smother you in all their layers of sequences and programmed rhythms. But it’s not all synthesised sound here. Acoustic guitar takes this disc out of the purely industrial-rock genre for an unconventional twist on much of the industrial that comes our way. A huge roster of session musicians — most notably Skinny Puppy’s cEvin Key/live drums — also contribute. From production to composition, the vast experience of these two makes itself heard. (Noiseplus)