Colleen et Les Boîtes à Musique Colleen et Les Boîtes à Musique

As she’s proven on her two previous full-lengths, Colleen’s Cécile Schott is an adept sound sculptor that can find some of the most delightful melodies in the most unlikely places. This was no doubt what Atelier De Création Radiophonique, her native France’s national radio station, were thinking when they asked Schott to compose anything she liked for an exclusive broadcast. Colleen et Les Boîtes à Musique is a 14-track EP that explores the potential of the music box as a primary musical instrument. Schott’s inquisitive mind and ears manipulate the instrument, creating new sounds through the use of pedals and samplers to provide a wonderland of beautiful textures. The two-part "What Is A Componium?” best demonstrates her breathtaking techniques with wide-eyed results. Meanwhile, "Charles’s Birthday Card” boasts the familiar tune of "Rock-a-bye Baby” in a manner where the box can just barely squeeze out the notes, giving it a childish delight. Similarly, "A Bear is Trapped” reworks "Pop Goes the Weasel” into something almost off-putting. This 38-minute EP may be utilised as a segue into her next album, but Les Boîtes à Musique is arguably the finest accomplishment by this innovator yet, and should earn her the attention she rightfully deserves. (Leaf)