Cold Specks "Winter Solstice" (video)

Cold Specks 'Winter Solstice' (video)
Etobicoke, ON's Cold Specks (aka Al Spx) is preparing to release her debut album, I Predict a Graceful Expulsion, on May 22 through Arts & Crafts (and Mute Records overseas). She's now gearing up for that release by dropping a video for her song "Winter Solstice."

The highly metaphorical clip that accompanies this soulful, ghostly piano march shows Spx hanging out in an old house, walking through a forest, and hanging out in the sun by a body of water. She ends up following a girl (who is possibly a younger version of herself) through the woods before giving the child a stopwatch that is promptly smashed with a rock. Like we said, metaphorical.

Thanks to Rolling Stone for the clip.