Cold Specks

"New Moon"

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Aug 23, 2017

Cold Specks is getting set to whisk us off to Fool's Paradise next month, but before she does, she's taking us on a mini-vaycay right now.

Cold Specks (a.k.a Ladan Hussein) has released the new album track "New Moon," a song described as "a personal love letter to oneself about love and growth."

"The song is a document of a lost year. It was all very strange, beautiful and manic. I found myself developing these intense relationships with strangers and cities," explained Ladan. "I kept looking up at the moon for some sort of clarity. It would help me measure my lost time, fleeting desire, and frantically plan for the future. Each phase carried more weight. I guess it explores the aftermath of heartbreak. I had to learn to detach, self-care and whisper sweet nothings to myself over and over again."

Hear "New Moon" play out for yourself below.

Fool's Paradise arrives via Arts & Crafts on September 22. As previously reported, Cold Specks has a long series of dates coming up, and you can see them all here.

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