Cokie the Clown

You're Welcome

BY Eva ZhuPublished Apr 25, 2019

Cokie the Clown might seem like Fat Mike's alter ego, but for anyone who's familiar with Fat Mike, they'd realize that he's not putting on an act. The tracks on You're Welcome discuss death, suicide, cynicism and being fucked over by other people. By listening to what's basically his diary, you come to realize that he only feels something when he's feeling pain.
You're Welcome opens with "Bathtub," a mostly spoken word song that details him finding his lover in a bathtub dead from an apparent suicide. The lack of instrumentals creates a jarring effect that demands your attention. It's impossible to zone out when you're hanging on to every word, waiting for the music to kick in.
"That Time I Killed My Mom" is equally as jarring, but in a completely different way. You'd never expect to hear someone sing about helping their mom die, and having to try repeatedly because she was hard to kill.
"Punk Rock Saved My Life" and "Fuck You All" are musically the best tracks on the album, because they incorporate the punk rock elements that NOFX are famous for. Paired with the monotone vocals, its more pleasant to the ears than the sparse piano or acoustic guitar on the rest of the tracks.
You're Welcome is an album you should stay away from if you're depressed. It's also the kind of album that requires more than one listen for you to fully understand, but it's too heavy for that second listen.
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