Dancing Echoes/Dead Sound

BY Stuart GreenPublished Dec 1, 2004

In much of the same way Thought Industry traded in their thrashy metallic roots for more textured, keyboard-heavy rock, this North Carolina quintet have morphed into something that fans of their earlier releases may not recognise. This disc, their fourth, delivers what can best be described as a sonic collision between Björk and Cave In. While not entirely abandoning the core instrumentation of guitar, bass and drums, Dancing Echoes/Dead Sound is far more reliant on programmed synths and atmospherics than anything they’ve done previously. With Coheed & Cambria producer Michael Birnbaum at the helm, the band is not afraid to explore their Tangerine Dream side on three between-song instrumental soundscapes either. It’s a bold and dynamic record anchored in strong songwriting and technical prowess. And it’s sure to split fans into two polarised camps — those who will love it and those who will hate it. Mark me down as the former.
(Equal Vision)

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