Coburn Coburn

Coburn are confident in their music making. Artists Tim Healey and Pete Martin manage to strike a balance between house, rock, elevator music, electro and even throw in some UK speed garage-styled MC vocals. The shamelessly upbeat sounds coming off their self-titled CD, cohabitating with lyrics about casual love and getting fucked up, show why these two dudes have been loosely labelled creators of the "party house” sound. "We Interrupt This Program” is a cool song, and the one that boosted these guys up to the musical forefront in Britain. And "Baby Boomer” is a nice break beat track, though it falls apart a little bit at the end. This has the pop sensibility to appeal to the "radio jocks” and a good enough handle on house and electro to appeal to the ravers and club kids. My only complaint would be the vocals. You’d think the inventors of UK party house would have more cutting-edge remarks than "Make way for the new music, I’ll show you how we do this shit.” Sample-heavy track "Matured Sinner” shows a lyrical bridge between party and thoughtful. In their present state, most of these tracks are better suited for home listening than anything else. Check the edits and remixes for a whole new side of Coburn. (Rooftop)