Coate Cooke Trio Up Down Down Up

The interesting thing about jazz is that some of its finer moments come as music that is almost impossible to reproduce as a result of the originators’ style and the sophistication of the band interplay. On listening to this trio, I was immediately struck by a déjà vu of my favourite Sonny Rollins recordings. While Coat Cooke, Clyde Reed and Kenton Loewen are playing something that can be fixed in a time gone by, the similarity ends there. The drums, bass and tenor sax dance around each other in way that is quite amazing for the form that has now become "jazz.” The inventiveness and clear communication rarely, if ever, let up and each player’s individuality stays intact and present with every turn in the musical path. I have not listened to a work of "jazz” with this kind of sheer inventiveness in a long while. (Creative Capitalism)