C'Mon Feel the Noise

C'Mon Feel the Noise
In the blink of an eye, C'mon have emerged as the best band Ian Blurton's ever been in. The legacy of Change of Heart will always follow Blurton around this country and rightly so; that band's prog-punk output in the '80s and '90s laid the groundwork for much of the Can-indie rock that came afterward. Blurton took Change of Heart's music very seriously, but C'mon have ignited an unprecedented passion in his fiery eyes. Along with old friend Randy Curnew on drums and ladyfriend Katie Lynn Campbell (ex-Nashville Pussy) on bass, Blurton has a no bullshit, hard rockin' power trio that have wasted little time getting out to the people.

In just over a year, C'mon have put out four records in quick succession and played shows from Newfoundland to Nanaimo. Their debut full-length, Midnight is the Answer, is a classic — an inspired, noisy blast of concise tunage in a frantic 25 minutes. While some fans are just discovering their recently-released Blown Speaker EP, the band have already released another full-length with In the Heat of the Moment, which picks up where Midnight left off. The new record's thunderous mix of teeth-shattering drums, throbbing bass, and manic, riff-laden, crunchy guitar falls perfectly in line with C'mon's mandate of economy and speed, elements that are reflected both on record and in the band's natural habitat: the stage.

"We've all been playing for a really long time and lord knows that people's attention spans are getting shorter and shorter," Blurton says. "We're further past our due date than would be expected for rock'n'rollers and I think that fuels us. When we play an all ages show, that's exciting because people are like, ‘What the hell are these old people doing up there?' and we try and kick their asses."

While having great songs certainly helps, C'mon also put on the greatest rock show around, a charismatic blend of melodious menace and in-your-face theatrics. While Curnew pounds the drums with all the might his tiny frame can muster, Campbell stalks the stage like a rock goddess, with equal flailing of both bass and hair. Then there's Blurton, whose long beard and possessed countenance give him the aura of a guitar-wielding shaman. "Sometimes when I look over at Ian, I will fuck up a song because I'm just watching him go nuts or jumping through the audience," Campbell says. "He never ceases to amaze me and I think that's one of the reasons why the band and our relationship work so well. And you just never know what Randy's gonna do, really."

This environment finds Blurton enjoying the most prolific period of his storied career. "There's a lot of freedom in this band to write, and everybody's really into the idea of new songs," he says. "I was always inspired by seeing Sonic Youth on the Daydream Nation tour playing songs from the next record; Hüsker Dü used to do that too. People who are into bands like that are usually fanatical and can really move with the ebb and flow."

Even as The Heat hits the streets, C'mon already have new songs brewing and each fresh venture brings the band closer. "It means doing the thing I love most with the person I love most. And Randy's okay too," Campbell laughs. "What I hated the most about touring with other bands I was in was leaving Ian behind. Now we get to do what we want with who we want, which is the ideal situation. I'm a very lucky girl."