C'mon Horseshoe Tavern, Toronto ON - January 27, 2004

C'mon is the newly formed trio made up of Ian Blurton (Change of Heart, Blurtonia, Bionic) on guitar and vocals, Katie Lynn (Nashville Pussy) on bass and Randy Curnew (the Swallows) on drums. Their appearance at the Horseshoe was their fifth gig. Prior to this they had opened for the Darkness, where they reportedly received a mixed reception of enthusiasm and puzzlement. This is understandable, as C'mon both uses and ignores the conventions of "rawk," which exist somewhere between rock and rock'n'roll (i.e., Grand Funk Railroad, Slade). As with past Blurton projects, the rawk is served first and foremost by volume. In contrast to Blurtonia, with its intersecting waves of distortion, C'mon wallops with harder edges. Within the confines of the Horseshoe the sound eyeball-wobbling loud, but under control. Rawk is also acknowledged in the presentation. Lynn undertakes all manner of rawk gymnastics while propelling a solid squonk out of her Rickenbacher bass. Blurton supports this with some extremely rawk-ish interaction, along the lines of "people put your hands together!" Curnew also knows the drill and matches his band-mates in intensity. Where C'mon abandons rawk is in the plaintive melodies sung by Blurton. Here, C'mon just aren't dumb enough, as nuances and thoughtfulness creep into the sound. The band pounded out their all-new material with an assurance that reminds one what veterans are capable of. Most songs start with a solid hook and then unfurl into traditional structures containing the C'mon combination of fist-pumping and angst. But since we are talking rawk, let us address an important issue: hair. Between Lynn's cascading mane and Blurton's "I sell gopher teeth art at swap meets" beard, C'mon have enough hair to clog all of tomorrow's bathroom drains.