CMJ Is Plowing Ahead with Its 2020 Relaunch Despite the Pandemic

CMJ Is Plowing Ahead with Its 2020 Relaunch Despite the Pandemic
We're in the midst of a pandemic, and by the looks of things, live music isn't coming back into our lives for a very long time. Despite all that, the New York-based music festival CMJ is going ahead with plans to relaunch in 2020, COVID-19 be damned.

After news emerged earlier this year that CMJ Music Marathon — a music festival and conference ran from 1978 until 2016 — would relaunch in 2020 under "new management," that team has sent out a press release today explaining CMJ is now part of U.K.'s Amazing Radio.

And while there is still no word on when the actual festival could be back, CMJ is trying to lay some groundwork with this Amazing Radio partnership.

Here's how the press release explains things:

Amazing Radio will expand in the States, launching a new US-centric radio station, and working hand in glove with CMJ, which will become a digital and live brand. Musicians who upload their music will get the opportunity for global radio play, as well as the chance to play CMJ — both the live Marathon in New York when the shutdown ends, and virtual concerts, starting soon. So uploading tunes once, will give access to a global audience of new music lovers, on radio, in online gigs, and on stage when life gets back to normal.

We have brought this announcement forward to try to help musicians get more promotion and make money during the coronavirus crisis. So you won't have to wait until October or the end of the shutdown to benefit. 

Soon, we'll announce exactly how that will work.

For now, any further details remain unclear and if the New York festival will have opportunities for Canadian artists. So obviously stay tuned.