Clutch "X-Ray Visions" (video)

Clutch 'X-Ray Visions' (video)
"Psychic warfare is real/You'd better believe it brother." While, true, this chanted claim in Clutch's new "X-Ray Visions" single acts as proof that the band's Psychic Warfare is on the way, the video goes on to show us that the band are talking about more nefarious things than an album launch.

Vocalist Neil Fallon, for instance, is caught exploring a briefcase full of mission plans before hopping in a tank to get to a secret facility. The rest of the band are there, blasting out hard rock riffs and beats about as potent as their frontman's lines about "telekinetic dynamite." Additionally, the bunker that serves as Clutch's band space is also used to test one particular spoonbender's psychic capabilities.

You'll find out more about Clutch's newly declassified double life down below, care of Hammer.

Clutch release Psychic Warfare October 2 through their own Weathermaker Music label.