Clue to Kalo Come Here When You Sleepwalk

Clue to Kalo could have been yet another IDMster released on the Morr Music label, but he's Australian and signed to the lesser-known yet promising Mush Records. As far as being an IDM release, with the exception of some pure electronic tracks, much of this CD has more in common with indie rock than the likes of say Arovane or Phonem. The odd track where guitar melodies and low-key crooning vocals supplement the blip and beeps give the tunes a decidedly organic quality. The tracks that are pure IDM are not bad, but nothing memorable either; rather typical. At it's best, the listener may get the impression of wandering through a wondrous workshop with several mechanical marvels attempting to be your friend. Better are tracks where vocalist Mark Mitchell gives the music life with his wistful voice and melancholic lyrics. Perhaps this record may lead to yet another marketing category for record stores to mull over, blip-pop. (Mush)