Safety Copy

BY Philip DowneyPublished Dec 1, 2004

Safety Copy is bumping party fun. Clones toss together a little rock, techno, house and break beats for an energetic album. The French duo are unabashed about having a good time, yet leave the cheese at home. For example, "Crazy Boys” starts off the album with a modern punk-funk vibe, with sweet drums and bass, followed by guitars. "Organic Tones” is a house-influenced track, guided by a nice trumpet line, and "Accident Francais.” "Which One Is Which” sounds like a Basement Jaxx cut-up, and "Groove Comes Back” moves things into electroclash territory. There are vocal tracks too, with the hyper speed of "Other Sides” and the slow rock of "War Games.” If your friends don’t enjoy this on Friday night, you need better friends.

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