Clocked In Tied To The Mast

Some different fare from New York label Radical, which generally sticks to the oi/punk side of things. This Atlanta crew is more in the hardcore/emo vein and the result is slightly lopsided. Naming yourself after an early Black Flag song is a bold move, and one you'd need to have the skill to back up. And for the first few numbers they don't really manage it. This starts off a little too close to a grungy take on nu metal, but after about the third track, things get more interesting. They have a good handle on mixing the metal with the melodic, and the singer's voice is unique, although out of place, at times. Considering this is their debut, they've created something moving and powerful, if at times flawed. If they keep it together and grow, their next outing may be a real treasure. (Radical)