Clit 45 Self-Hate Crimes

Formed before they were old enough to buy their own booze, Clit 45 took their name when they were thinking of something along the lines of sex and violence. After keeping the band going once high school was over for them, Clit 45 took the route of extensive touring and self-releasing seven-inches. Gradually, they’ve been getting their name out there, and have had the privilege of touring with the Casualties and the Unseen. Clit 45 have been steadily gaining recognition within America’ street punk scene, and are about to grab onto even more with this full-length debut on LA’s BYO Records. The 14 tracks on Self-Hate Crimes will each send a jolt right through you — they’re fast, loud, and pleasantly messy. Clit 45 don’t do anything fancy here, just play tirelessly with youthful abandon. It’s too sharp to be dismissed as noise but fuzzy enough to get lost in. When you’re looking for something carelessly loud, you’ll want to be listening to this. (BYO)