Cleaver / Parker / Taborn Farmers By Nature

This is a CD of a live performance by Gerald Cleaver (drums), William Parker (bass) and Craig Taborn (piano) at the Stone in NYC. While all the traditional markers are here, in the form of the fire music of free jazz, the musical explorations don't stop there. What sets this CD apart is the degree of dynamism found in the music. Each player seems to be acutely aware of the progression of the music and adheres to the methodology by which one can play well by not playing at all. There is space for the music to breathe and reflect, and for the listener to do the same. There is also a sense of occasion that's reminiscent of the Art Ensemble of Chicago's performances, and this is reinforced by the intense musicality and attention to detail that these musicians display. This is music of diversity, thoughtfulness and commitment, and an object lesson in spontaneous composition. (Aum Fidelity)