Clear Horizon Clear Horizon

As front-man for Flying Saucer Attack, Dave Pearce was responsible for composing some of the most stirring space rock of the past decade. His latest work, a collaboration with notable songwriter Jessica Bailiff, is another outstanding endeavour. Constructed by the two artists trading tapes in the mail, Clear Horizon’s debut features stark acoustic guitar progressions, lingering vocals, and mesmerising sound washes that ebb and flow with opulent elegance. Although Pearce sings a couple of songs and his lullaby voice is in excellent form, it is Bailiff’s poignant vocals that largely enclose the disc with wonderful, sombre textures. The duo’s debut is occasionally reminiscent of Flying Saucer Attack’s Further, yet it never wallows in constrained nostalgia. Instead, the album presents evocative songs that harness the high talents of both Pearce and Bailiff to create a pristine collaboration. On Clear Horizon’s debut, the sublime sounds resonate for miles. (Kranky)