The Clean Ready New Album

BY Rob NayPublished Apr 21, 2009

Underground pop icons the Clean appear closer to unveiling their first studio record in eight years.

The New Zealand trio's upcoming disc, reportedly named Mister Pop, is recorded and is due out sometime during New Zealand's "southern winter," according to a post on guitarist/vocalist David Kilgour's MySpace page. No firm release date has been announced but fans can cross their fingers that the disc arrives in North America later this summer or fall.

Mister Pop was recorded in New York City and will mark the band's first studio record since 2001's Getaway. Since forming in the late '70s, the Clean have dished out mesmerizing songs that influenced the likes of Sonic Youth, Pavement and current indie darlings the Crystal Stilts.

The Clean crew will also remain busy with other work prior to Mister Pop's arrival. On April 20, David Kilgour released Falling Debris, a musical collaboration with poet Sam Hunt, while the Clean's bassist Robert Scott is set to tour the UK and Europe this summer with the Bats. As we previously reported, the Bats' latest disc, The Guilty Office, will finally see a North American release on June 23 on Hidden Agenda Records.

The Clean, meanwhile, may have tour plans of their own in the works, along with the new record.  Arch Hill Recordings, the New Zealand label that released a live disc by the Clean in 2008,  writes on its website of "possible offshore" Clean shows coming up soon. The group last toured North America back in 2003, opening for Yo La Tengo in the U.S.

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