Clayton Denwood Sunset on the Highway

I wouldn't burden young Clayton Denwood with the albatross of "the new Bob Dylan"; it's not fair, nor do I think it's true. Sunset on the Highway, the Toronto artist's studio debut, is unfortunately rather ordinary, with the sole highlight being "Work." His songwriting isn't extraordinary and the playing is competent. Is he earnest? Yes. Promising? Maybe. But the next Dylan, the next "voice of a generation?" Not at all. Clayton Denwood, who has spent an inordinate amount of time in Woodstock, NY, hasn't yet developed the poetic chops, or found his own voice, to earn that title. He is one of a great many singer/songwriters to pen some songs, record a CD and join the pack. The key to Dylan-ness is to not be, to break away; Denwood hasn't done that yet. (Independent)