Claro Intelecto Warehouse Sessions

Bringing his once vinyl-exclusive set to CD, Claro Intelecto (aka Mark Stewart) pounds out a chronological compilation of wall-shaking bangers in Warehouse Sessions. Far removed from his far lighter and lusher Metanarrative, with the stripped-down kick drum still clean and percussion crisp, here the dub-ified punch is seriously relentless. There's little release offered, with the exception of the keyboard sprinkles found on the tech house softened "Post." Warehouse Sessions quite regularly drives through monotonous territory that at times, makes it questionable home listening. But it's good to remember, taken from the context these tracks were designed for, that its heavy 4/4 hypnosis would be positively orgasmic on the edge of a drug-induced stupor at three a.m. on a warehouse dance floor. (Modern Love)