Clark Announces New LP for Warp, Reveals "Unfurla"

Clark Announces New LP for Warp, Reveals 'Unfurla'
English electronic musician Clark released his sprawling Feast/Beast remix compilation last year, but he has now revealed plans to get back to composing original material.

His latest record will be simply titled Clark and is due out on November 3 through Warp.

The self-titled effort will be released in CD, double-LP and digital formats and is available for pre-order here. The tracklisting is available below.

"Music is like sculpture," said Clark in a recent statement. "It's like trying to capture a moment of ultimate momentum, and distill it forever."

Scroll past the tracklisting to hear him attempt to capture that moment on lead single "Unfurla."


1. Ship Is Flooding
2. Winter Linn
3. Unfurla
4. Strength Through Fragility
5. Sodium Trimmers
6. Banjo
7. Snowbird
8. The Grit In The Pearl
9. Beacon
10. Petroleum Tinged
11. Silvered Iris
12. There's A Distance In You
13. Everlane