Claire Voyant Time Again

It would appear that in the electronic music industry, sticking remix on a CD cover is akin to tacking "part two" on a movie title in the summer. Anything can be remixed for a waiting audience. On Time Again, the ethereal sound of Sacramento-based band Claire Voyant gets remixed by VNV Nation, Front 242, Haujobb and others, producing something akin to Dead Can't Dance meets techno. Unfortunately, Time Again's collection of goth-inspired electronica turns into a pointless techno exercise that evolves into banal synth-pop before you can hit the skip button on your CD player. In this case, the next song offers little relief. While Victoria Lloyds' haunting voice may sound suited for the goth-techno realm, it does not inspire anything original or even slightly interesting here. Fans of Claire Voyant may find something redeeming in Time Again, but it is difficult to imagine not being a little irritated by the flat techno beats and cliché synth-pop feel. (Metropolis, (Metropolis)