Civet Massacre

The four girls of Civet have that pretty-in-a-dirty-way thing going on like they own it. With songs about handguns, cocaine, and a barrage of other sleaze and violence, Ms. Liza Graves, Suzi Homewrecker, Bombshell Brenz, and Jackie Daniels run through these 14 tracks with the same fierce determination and absolute self interest that is typically seen in die-hard party goers during last call on a Saturday night. Like the Devotchkas without the crust, Civet play bare-bones punk rock led by members who don’t really seem to give a fuck if you’re impressed or not. Not that they should have to, anyway. Massacre is one tough-as-shit album that covers a full day’s supply of debauchery. Listen to this one loud and often. (Disaster)