Cinerex CX

Musicians Kelvin Smits, Tommy Rombouts, Kevin Ross and Alissa Kueker combine talents in a progressive electro-pop endeavour. A blend of broken beats, analog synths and acoustic guitar, CX is an exploratory down-tempo selection. The opening track "Shine” is a good example of Cinerex’s smooth blend of acoustic and electro styles. Kueker’s ethereal voice over understated guitar and computer generated rhythms and squeaks give the otherwise top 40 track a moody and hypnotic feel. The scatty beats and sassy lyrics of the second track, "Feeling Fine” jostle things in a funkier direction but the subdued feel returns in "Heavenly.” The languid hip-hop inspired "Getcha” and "Air” showcase Kuecker’s lyrical talents and her beautifully relaxed spoken word delivery. All together the CX experience is a smooth ride through both quirky and catchy down-tempo electro-pop, reminiscent of Portishead on acid but a little smoother and not quite as colourful. (R2)