The Cinematics A Strange Education

The case of the "genre copycat band” still exists, and fans of Interpol, Editors and their ilk will feel right at home with the familiar sounds of the Cinematics. But just because a sound is repeated doesn’t mean it’s any less pleasing. This debut is slightly derivative but for people who don’t care, this is a strong disc that has a swagger and confidence; it won’t blow your mind but it’ll move your feet. "Human” pulses like other dark indie bands, while opener "Race to the City” has a skitter-y tempo that will please Franz Ferdinand fans. The only real, and horrible, mistake comes in their completely unnecessary cover of Beck’s "Sunday Sun.” If you’re not going to do anything interesting with a song, leave it alone! However, lead singer Scott Rinning has a better range than many of his baritone counterparts and he puts it to great use on the explosive "Asleep at the Wheel,” which is the highlight here. Loud, abrasive and full of attitude, the Cinematics go for broke and the fun comes when they break out of their self-imposed constraints. More of this and they might actually rise above. (TVT)