Cindytalk The Crackle Of My Soul

Over the course of almost two decades, UK group Cindytalk have transformed from an experimental rock ensemble into a full-on one-man electronic noise project. The Crackle Of My Soul is Cindytalk's fifth album, and is the result of an extended chrysalis: founding (and now sole) member Gordon Sharp conceptualized and recorded these ten tracks over the course of eight years, in studios on both sides of the Pacific. While the textured electronics evoke those of Christian Fennesz, Cindytalk's sound has a decidedly harsher edge to it ― the static is composed of shards of glass, and the high pitches nearly pierce eardrums. Crackle does have its share of delicate moments, such as "Our Shadow, Remembered," in which a barely there vocal moan is cast like a blanket over a fractured ringing sound. With this release, Sharp proves that he's at home in the icy world of abstract electronic sound. (Editions Mego)