Chromeo Get Business Casual on New LP

Chromeo Get <i>Business Casual</i> on New LP
Montreal-based electro-funk team Chromeo haven't really stopped having fun. The duo of P-Thugg and Dave 1 most recently covered the Eagles for their DJ-Kicks mix, and are now finalizing their third proper full-length. The album, which follows up on their 2007 break-through Fancy Footwork, will be released this summer.

 If you're worried that they've lost their signature '80s cheese, fear not: the new release is called Business Casual and includes tracks with names like "Hot Mess" and "You Make It Rough." The album was mixed by Phoenix producer Philipe Zdar, and features guest vocals from Solange Knowles on the track "When the Night Falls."

Business Casual will be released on August 17 by Atlantic. The tracklisting is available below, but Chromeo haven't finalized an order so we have alphabetized it for you. "Night by Night" can be streamed below.

Business Casual (in alphabetical order):

"Don't Turn the Lights On"

"Don't Walk Away"
"Grow Up"
"Hot Mess"

"I'm Not Contagious"

"J'Ai Claqué la Porte"
"Night by Night"
"The Right Type"
"When the Night Falls"
"You Make It Rough"