Chrome Locust Chrome Locust

Todd Youth certainly left his pawprint on such seminal hardcore stalwarts as Agnostic Front, Murphy’s Law and Warzone. After time spent courting mainstream acceptance in D-Generation, guitarist/singer Youth and drummer Michael Wildwood began gilding the Chrome Locust with the help of bass-slinging pal Jim Heneghan. The trio’s eponymous debut (which scarcely qualifies as a full-length at just under 30 minutes), starts rocking outright from the left jab/right hook attack of “Ain’t No Love” and “Drop.” “New World Disorder” assumes a buoyant stoner rock gait, bolstered by generous wah-wahs and desert-rock grooves. With its greasy, psychedelic intro “Love Rap” wouldn’t seem out of place on a Nebula EP, while “Teen Dream” (with its lyrical Asteroids videogame reference) sports more of a rock-based, Fu Manchu vibe. The radio-friendly doom grooves of “Formula” could easily secure the tune a spot on the next Meteor City comp, and the lumbering “Heavy Medication” slings sludge distantly like Penance or Internal Void. The punk-rock squawk of “M.I.A.” (an ode to the band’s new label?) is forgettable, however, as is the brooding, Zep-on-Xanax “Cycle Of Birth And Death,” which tries too hard to be profound too late as the album’s closer. (Tee Pee)