Chromatics "Headlight's Glare"

Chromatics 'Headlight's Glare'
Modern day disco-pop unit Chromatics are about to issue five — count 'em — five vinyl releases through Italians Do It Better this month. Of these, the Cherry 12-inch features a reworked version of Kill for Love closer "The River," which has been re-branded "Headlight's Glare." The alternate version is streaming now ahead the 12-inch's street date.

As "Headlight's Glare," the song traffics in a foggy miasma of synth work, a simple drum machine beat and Ruth Radelet's street-legal lyrics. She whispers of misery, feeling lost, and being captured in the incandescent glow of a set of headlights.

You'll find a stream of the track, which also features a few siren sounds and some police scanner chatter, down below.

The breakdown on all of Chromatics' upcoming releases, which are all due May 16, can be found here.