Christopher Just Jeans & Electronic

Despite having one of the most disturbing album covers from this year, Christopher Just has put together a good techno album, gently flavoured with electroclash sounds. Looking like Gomez Addams’ gay, Mexican porn star nephew, posing seductively behind some vintage gear, he’s put some fun tracks on this album that are mostly dance floor techno with a little laptop quirkiness. "Musical Melody” is just that, a gentle techno opener that pays tribute to classic Detroit sounds, "Music Music” fuses the same sounds with a Depeche Mode bass line, and "Ein Fruhsommermorgen” ends the album with a very traditional and uplifting Detroit feel. "Jeff After Four Roses” is a blast of tweaky acid and high frequencies, while "Jeans & Electronic” and "Nite Life” both proudly show electro influences. Also included is the 23-minute "Mekka Live,” which depends a little too much on loops and ultimately becomes too repetitive. For straight ahead techno that doesn’t take itself too seriously or aim to punish dance floors, it’s an enjoyable album. (Combination)