Chris Liebing / Various Live in Beograd

It’s refreshing to see that techno, for some, is still a way of life and that each party has a philosophy of its own. As extrapolated at length in the liner notes, this party for Liebing came to symbolise the celebration of diversity and tolerance in a post-war society. Live in Beograd is a double disc that was recorded in Belgrade in March of this year, and was without doubt an event for the remaining techno purists. Almost equalling the skill and dexterity, yet perhaps surpassing the intensity and sheer force of Hawtin’s Decks, EFX & 909, Live in Beograd explicitly aligns itself both musically and philosophically — much like techno-godfathers of the past — with a larger movement of the ever-mutating human technology interface supporting a vision of post-identity. The position Liebing adopts is what he calls a "Punctuated Equilibrium,” a phrase pregnant with possible connotations of revolution, yet ambiguous as to whether it can be found in the next track, the next party, or the next techno movement. Nonetheless, turn off the lights and crank up the volume, as this double CD gives three hours of banging techno. And as Liebing ends in his liner notes, "Keep it up!” (CLR)