Chris Fortier/Various

Balance 007

BY Philip DowneyPublished Aug 1, 2005

If you like your dance music mechanised and propulsive, this is your summer mix CD. Chris Fortier takes you on a three-disc trip through everything that "clanks,” "whirs,” "bleeps,” "clicks” and "burbles.” But don’t worry, this isn’t a trip through a studio tweaker’s stripped minimalism, it’s a funky and chunky ride with an agreeable driver. His previous mix albums are not nearly as ambitious or enjoyable. Each disc has its own flavour: the first is house-y, the second has more of a techno feel, and the third is all electro. Even so, that’s a generalisation of the first two discs, which slide through many genres, with tracks taken from underground producers around the world. I hate to call this "serious” dance music, but there are no anthems or cheap tricks to get you excited, and hardly any vocals. It’s the right music for a long night of dancing. I’m not sure how he did it, but three and a half hours of music doesn’t feel long at all.

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