Chris Cornell "'Til the Sun Comes Back Around"

Chris Cornell ''Til the Sun Comes Back Around'
Soundgarden singer Chris Cornell has stepped away from the grunge band again to deliver a bit of movie music. This time around, the artist has offered up a ballad called "'Til the Sun Comes Back Around" for Michael Bay action-drama 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. A pair of alternate versions of the track are streaming online now.

Cornell sticks to his middle range tenor for the tune, noting how he's walking through unfamiliar grounds, "holding tight to the edge of the night" until everything gets back to normal. He goes on to use a gravelly vibrato to trace the distance between two hearts, discuss death and the meaning of life, and more.

One version plays a bit more ambient via percussive quakes and a whole lot of echo, while a secondary version brings in live drums and a few more organic touches. You can stream both down below.