Chris Alexander Annihilator

A few months back, I got my first listen of Toronto's industrial/noise project Inseminoid. This EP is half of that two-man outfit and it proved just as cool as the Blood Splattered Beats EP that Inseminoid gave us late last year. This disc is a gathering of five very dark, very bleak, yet very inspiring instrumental pieces. It certainly doesn't tickle the funny bone, and with names like "The Void," "Poisoned" and "Trees with Teeth," the songs definitely have that foreboding overtone for which the industrial genre is so loved. The programming on Annihilator is simple, as Alexander manages to steer clear of throwing a bunch of noise together to make a whole mishmash of confusing sound; that doesn't seem to be his angle. Instead, he creates five very pure works, inspirational in that they allow the mind to wander in and out of all its crevasses, seeking whatever demons there may lie. His instructions on the disc are to play the CD at maximum volume; I thought it sounded great even at about a five. (Independent)