Chin Up Chin Up Chin Up Chin Up

With the unexpected and tragic death of their bassist Chris Saathoff, Chicago’s Chin Up Chin Up had some very difficult challenges before the release of their previous album. While this EP rehashes some the album’s tracks and friends like Tim Kinsella come to remix others, there are a few bright spots here to indicate that Chin Up Chin Up seem to be taking their own name to heart. Top honours go out to "Fuck You, Elton John,” both for title and song content, as this nervy, dark number overlaps its vocals and guitars for a spectacular climax that finds the raspy Jeremy Bolen howling over the frantic drums for a supremely unsettling effect. Also look to "Pillage the Village” for another strong example of where Chin Up Chin Up are heading, as the lapping guitars and stronger-than-usual vocals expertly build a great song, layer by layer. In fact, it is this layering effect where Chin Up Chin Up find their greatest inspiration. No slaves to the quick payoff, most songs on this EP take their time giving up their prizes and, no doubt, the purpose of this EP is probably the same, letting us stew and wait before giving up the payoff of a full-length project. (Flameshovel)