Chin Day Dreaming

Canuck funk fans will remember Chin Injeti from Bass Is Base, one of the first and finest acid-jazz outfits this country produced back in the early '90s. The brother's been invisible for almost five years now, devoting much of his time as an in-demand songwriter and producer for everyone from K-OS to Kinnie Starr. The experience has been clearly enriching, as the sounds and styles on his solo debut brilliantly represent. Ripples of drum & bass get excited to a gorgeous lovers rock groove on "Show Me Love," while beats get broken sweetly under Moka Only's dicey flow on "Give Away Your Soul." The electro flashback on "B-Boys Fly Girls" is a little out of place, but not anywhere near as unexpected as the ultra-inspired cover of the "Logical Song." Injeti's voice is sweet as ever, and the sincerity of his soprano often brings back memories of El DeBarge. The lyrics are abundant with boyish lovesick sentiments, the excess of which, however, paints Injeti with an image that's inevitably a little too squeaky-clean. The album could definitely use a little more eros in its funk, although it's probably the lack of this that makes it sound so distinctively "Canadian." That said, Injeti's talents as a multi-instrumentalist is able to somewhat compensate for this vital element through his eclectic arrangements. Hopefully, he'll let it all hang out as he takes this one out on the road. (Change)