Chilly Gonzales "A Minor Key Medley"

Chilly Gonzales 'A Minor Key Medley'
Obviously, not everyone feels the good vibes of the holiday season. To make matters worse, a good chunk of the standard Christmas carols can be obnoxiously giddy, that is, until piano-playing producer Chilly Gonzales gets his hands on them. The performer has just whipped up a gloomy piece titled "A Minor Key Medley," which puts a downer spin on a couple of Christmas classics.

As you can hear down below, he's arranged "The Little Drummer Boy" to appear as if that tiny snare smacker is ready to ring in a funeral procession, makes "Jingle Bells" the perfect tune for drudging through the snow, and his deflated "Silent Night" has us sighing softly into our rummy cups of eggnog.

You can sample the holiday sadness down below.