Chief Keef Arrested for DUI

BY Alex HudsonPublished Mar 17, 2014

We've ceased to be surprised whenever Chief Keef runs afoul of the law, and now the troubled rap teen apparently has yet another arrest to add to his record, this time a DUI.

The incident actually occurred a couple of weeks ago, as TMZ reports that the rapper was pulled over by cops in the early hours of March 5. The incident took place in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park.

He was pulled over for having expired tags on his vehicle, and police reportedly smelled marijuana. He apparently confessed to smoking before driving and failed a sobriety test.

To make matters worse, he was also booked on driving with a suspended licence and was cited for having no proof of insurance. He was released on $300 bail.

This arrest comes hot on the heels of Keef's release from court-ordered rehab. Of course, it's not too much of a surprise to learn that rehab didn't have its desired effect on the rapper, since he recently released a new single called "Fuck Rehab."

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