Chief Keef & Andy Milonakis "G L O G A N G" (video)

Chief Keef & Andy Milonakis 'G L O G A N G' (video)
At last — a Chief Keef video involving more than just a bunch of dudes waving guns and money at the camera! The Chicago rapper has unveiled a video for his Andy Milonakis team-up "G L O G A N G," and it's a trippy outer-space voyage.

The clip for this Auto-Tune hip-hop track looks like it must have been filmed entirely in front of a green screen, since we see Keef and Milonakis flying through space and appearing it front of various psychedelic backdrops. We even watch Keef ride a massive disembodied hand though the cosmos, while the guys invite some female aliens into their floating lowrider.

Check it out below, and be sure to keep an ear out for the best lyric: "Diamonds in my chain, bling bling bling, yours look shittier man." Zing!