Chevreuil Chateauvallon

Chateauvallon is one of those albums that works its way into you whether you’re paying attention to it or not. French duo Julien F. and Tony C. create dangerous soundscapes that will surely become new favourites for fans of Lightning Bolt and Hella. Julien is the one who makes the drums rumble and snap, while Tony has his hands all over the guitar strings. Chevreuil’s layered melodies are achieved by looping sounds and then playing the guitar through four different amps. Julien’s drumming is intricate and feverish, and supports and builds upon Tony’s guitars. The results are dramatic and arresting. Each song is so textured that it has no need for lyrics because they would only be a distraction. What makes Chevreuil such an impressive project is that Tony and Julien have taken a concept that might otherwise seem complex and unapproachable and made it into a creation that is alluring and appealing. (Sickroom)