Chester Copperpot The Kings of Kirby

Chester Copperpot (yeah, it’s a Goonies reference) seem to have a lot in common with the Wrens. Both are comprised of 30-somethings making fairly straightforward indie rock/pop with infectious harmonies and both, due to label problems, recently released their first albums since ’96. But these Swedes separate themselves mainly by keeping a dry sense of humour throughout Kings of Kirby. It can be grating at times, like on the throwaway "BBQ Party (Hot In Herre)” and the several obtrusive interludes, but overall it suits the light-hearted "three guys drinkin’ some beers, playin’ some music” atmosphere. The production on Kirby is also decidedly lo-fi, the arrangements kept to the bare essentials and lead vocalist Fredrik Karlsson’s vocals mixed like any by-the-books pop/punk record out of the early ’80s. Despite a few more obvious moments of derivation — "Quit Pouting” starts off with an almost note-for-note take on the Pixies’ classic "Gigantic” — this is a highly enjoyable record that follows in the footsteps and form of seminal indie power pop, and is definitely a release for fans of the genre to dig into. (Popkid)