Cherushii & Maria Minerva Cherushii & Maria Minerva

Cherushii & Maria Minerva Cherushii & Maria Minerva
In late 2013, Los Angeles-based Estonian ex-pat Maria Minerva enlisted friend Chelsea Faith (a.k.a. Cherushii) to tour the United States, and the pair logged countless miles together. The two remained close, both perennially releasing records for the 100% Silk imprint, but the promising start of a collaborative effort was tragically cut short by the Oakland Ghost Ship fire in late 2016;  Cherushii was one of 36 people who died.
Six tracks were written, recorded and mixed by the duo, and through the unflagging efforts of Faith's partner David Last, producer Adam Gunther, and musician Brian Foote, this banging collection of songs is seeing the light of day.
These are post-disco, leftfield house tracks that rock tremendously hard and are perfect fodder for many atmospheres: a sweaty dance floor, a dark winding roadway, or a dimly lit bedroom. Maria Minerva slings lusty earworms like a pop superstar; these fragrant hooks, when intertwined with Cherushii's throbbing rhythms, become vibrant rockets of song, reaching for the stratosphere.  Lush vocal work serves to tie the proceedings together into an anthemic, bombastic song cycle.
If there is a possibility for art to transcend tragedy, this EP is the exemplar of such a phenomenon. The fruit of a close collaborative relationship, this music hopefully serves as a shining beacon, penetrating — at least temporarily — the veil of grief. (100% Silk)