The Chemical Brothers Scoring Teen Assassin Film

The Chemical Brothers Scoring Teen Assassin Film
The last time teen actress Saoirse Ronan worked with director Joe Wright, it was for simmering drama Atonement. Now, they've teamed up once more, and this time it's for a project with a decidedly different tone: a film about a teenage assassin sent across Europe on a mission. To fit this more action-packed subject matter, the filmmakers have recruited block-rockin' beat makers the Chemical Brothers to compose the score.

During a panel at New York Comic Con, Wright shared some of the details of the collaboration [via The Playlist] for the spy film, called Hanna.

"The Chemical Brothers are doing the score for the whole film," he said. "I've known them for a number of years. When I first left college, I set up a company called Vegetable Vision, which was a light show company, and we used to go around doing projections at raves and nightclubs. We met the Chemicals back then, about '94, '95 and I've known them ever since."

Wright confirmed that the score won't be too much of a departure from the dance floor-filling beats of the Chemical Brothers' usual work. He explained, "I was very excited to work with them on the score, as you know, my previous films have sounded very classical, working with Dario Marinelli; he won the Oscar for the Atonement score. But I was very excited to do something with a lot of bass. It's very loud."

Hanna will star Cate Blanchett and Eric Bana, and is due out on April 8, 2011.