The Chemical Brothers Bringing 'Don't Think' Concert Film to DVD/CD

The Chemical Brothers Bringing 'Don't Think' Concert Film to DVD/CD
Last month, veteran beatmakers the Chemical Brothers released the concert documentary Don't Think in select cinemas. If you weren't able to catch the film the first time around, don't fret: it will be coming to DVD/CD and Blu-ray/CD on March 27 via Black Dog Films.

As previously reported, the flick was directed by the Chemical Brothers' longtime visual collaborator Adam Smith. Its scope is beyond that of the normal concert film, since a press release noted that it "follows selected audience members away from the stage and out into the natural environment," resulting in a cinematic experience that includes "avant-garde magic realist moments where trippy visuals leave the screens and invade the open spaces of the festival."

Of course, if you want a more straightforward experience, the film comes packaged with a ten-track CD culled from the same concert. It was recorded in summer 2011 at Fujirock Festival in Japan. Watch a trailer at the bottom of the page.

The film's website notes that the band will also release a limited-edition DVD/CD with a ten-inch photo book on April 10.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the heads-up.

Don't Think DVD:

1. "Tomorrow Never Knows (Intro) - Junior Parker"

2. "Another World"

3. "Do It Again "

4. "Get Yourself High"

5. "Horse Power"

6. "Chemical Beats"

7. "Swoon"

8. "Star Guitar"

9. "Three Little Birdies Down Beats"

10. "Hey Boy Hey Girl"

11. "Don't Think"

12. "Out of Control"

13. "Setting Sun"

14. "It Doesn't Matter"

15. "Saturate"

16. "Believe"

17. "Escape Velocity/The Golden Path"

18. "Superflash"

19. "Leave Home/Galvanize"

20. "Block Rockin' Beats/Das Spiegel"

Don't Think CD:

1. "Another World/Do It Again/Get Yourself High"

2. "Horse Power/Chemical Beats"

3. "Swoon/Star Guitar"

4. "Three Little Birdies Down Beats/Hey Boy Hey Girl"
5. "Don't Think/Out of Control/Setting Sun/Saturate"

6. "Believe"

7. "Escape Velocity/The Golden Path"

8. "Superflash"

9. "Leave Home/Galvanize"

10. "Block Rockin' Beats"