Chef & Ramadanman / Various Dubstep Allstars Vol. 07

Tempa's original series, Dubstep Allstars, makes its resurgence with Vol. 07, mixed by two notables ― Chef and Ramadanman ― this double-disc set-up is an entry point into the two vastly different sets that have been constructed. Chef takes the approach of limited mixing of crafted tracks, allowing each mix to be absorbed before tackling the next. He makes a striking transition between "Think They're Greezy" by Ghost and "Untitled" by Silkie, introducing the perfect elements to shift right into "Fever (Kito remix)" by Christine Vaccine. The dip in electronics is almost guttural-sounding and moves into a bit of grit, shifting the pace and ending the run with a bit of Soca flavour on "Sub Soca" by the man himself. With the grit and grime left in Chef's hands, Ramadanman steps up with a different approach, exploring an almost clean, minimal sound. The tracks he's chosen border on the ethereal, as seen with cuts like "Tense" by Scuba and "Router" by Pangaea. Ramadanman also hits a bit on the technoid side with cuts like "Subzero" by D1 and "Sparing the Horses" by James Blake. Chef and Ramdanman's approach of discovery, not familiarity, definitely gives Dubstep Allstars Vol. 7 an edge over the traditional compilation. (Tempa)