Charli XCX "You (Ha Ha Ha)" (video)

Charli XCX 'You (Ha Ha Ha)' (video)
UK R&B-flavoured popster Charli XCX recently followed her Super Ultra mixtape with a fiery and fun, Gold Panda-sampling single called "You (Ha Ha Ha)." The infectious track has now been rebroadcast with a bizarrely gun-clapping video clip.

When XCX announced in the song that she was "trapped in the basement," we never figured she meant that of a munitions factory. Throughout the clip, we see her and some pals playfully cavort around the grim workspace with semi-automatics in tow, which they apparently load up with lipstick-tipped bullets. If you're into that kind of thing, you can sample the jarring and juxtapositional short film down below.