Charles Manson Wants to Collaborate with Phil Spector in Prison?

Charles Manson Wants to Collaborate with Phil Spector in Prison?
When courts found Phil Spector guilty of the murder of actress Lana Clarkson, they were most likely hoping that prison time for the renowned 69-year-old producer would have cooled the spotlight he occupied, not intensified it.

That's what's happening, however, seeing as he's already being, er, "courted" by fellow inmates at California's Corcoran State Prison because of his legendary production skills. You see, Corcoran is also the home of fellow convicted killer/media-friendly prisoner Charles Manson.

According to the New York Post, Manson had a guard bring Spector a note of invitation to the cult leader's cell, presumably with the intention of initiating some sort of working relationship. Spector's current wife, Rachelle, was unnerved by the situation.

"He said he considers Philip the greatest producer who ever lived. It was creepy. Philip didn't respond," she stated.

Spector's publicist, Hal Lifson, was a touch more straightforward.

"I think Manson wants to glean some musical advice from Phil, who was a '60s music god with his 'Wall of Sound,'" he said. "But Phil's like, 'I used to pick up the phone and it was John Lennon or Celine Dion or Tina Turner and now Charles Manson is trying to get a hold of me.'"

For the uninformed, back in the '60s, Manson was a struggling musician working with the likes of Beach Boys drummer Dennis Wilson and actress Doris Day's son Terry Melcher. It was when Melcher refused to work any further with Manson that he led his cult, the Manson Family, to kill the five people living in Melcher's former residence. Victims included actress/director Roman Polanski's pregnant wife Sharon Tate, with Manson sentenced to life in prison.

Despite Spector's long history of bad judgement calls, declining a meeting with Manson may be one of his smartest moves yet.